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Better Healthcare for Africa

Healthtech, Medtech and Biotech



Towards affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare.

In Swahili, "Jaza" means to fill or to bridge.  


With nearly 2.5bn people expected by 2050 with 50% urban and 50% below 25 years old, Africa is the next investment frontier, yet healthcare startups raised less than 3% of total $5bn venture capital funds invested in 2022 and $4.63bn in 2021. Incubators, accelerators and angel investors provide the first checks, while most venture capital funds target post series A investment, creating a huge gap between $200k and $5M: the missing middle.

Jaza Rift Ventures bridges this gap. We support the most innovative and invention-based pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stage healthcare startups. Our aim is to help Founders scale their healthcare innovations and inventions 10x over the next 5-7 years.



We believe in creating value that betters healthcare for Africa and the world.

We focus on supporting solutions that can be scaled across the continent and the globe, using healthtech, medtech and biotech innovations in Africa as a model for the rest of the world. We back innovations and inventions that improve the quality and reduce the costs of delivering accessible, quality and affordable healthcare to everyone, everywhere.

We look at opportunities across Africa - Anglophone and Francophone - with a preference for East and West Africa, with options to invest beyond those two zones.

We believe our collaboration has the potential to solve both African challenges and Global ones as healthcare costs across the world are skyrocketing while investments are still lagging.


We’re proud to partner with Villgro Africa to access their strong pipeline, their deep technical healthcare expertise and networks to increase the chance of success for the high performing entrepreneurs we invest in.

We also partner with other venture funds, incubators, accelerators, venture builders and venture studios to achieve scale and local support across Africa.

Upstream and downstream partnerships

From incubators, accelerators and angel investors to impact funds and venture capital funds, our partnerships across the investment continuum ("conveyor belt") help us set entrepreneurs up for sustainable growth and long term impact.

We are also developing networks with large local and international corporates (pharmaceutical groups and conglomerates) for insights, research and exit partners.

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Are you a healthcare startup
based in or targeting Africa and looking for $100k-$2M in funding, networks and mentoring? 



Are you interested in unlocking the potential impact of healthcare innovations and inventions in Africa? We are looking for Foundations, Donors to support our Value Creation team with Grants or Concessionary capital



Are you looking for an opportunity to become part of an ecosystem and community dedicated to addressing meaningful healthcare challenges?

Insurance Policy


We support in high performing entrepreneurs who are developing and commercializing innovations and inventions in healthcare software and hardware (digital health), nutrition, wellness, medical devices (medtech), health insurance, health financial technology (healthtech), biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals (biotech) with the potential of meeting the healthcare needs in Africa and the world.

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Healthcare Software & Hardware

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Nutrition & Wellness

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Devices & Medtech

health-insurance (1).png

Health Insurance

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Health Financial Technology

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Biotech, Pharmaceuticals


Jaza Rift Ventures is led by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of combined experience across healthcare, agritech, fintech, retail and related sectors in Africa and deep expertise in fund management and value creation for startups in Africa and Europe.


Sewu-Steve Tawia
Managing Partner & GP

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Monica Gathoni Ng'aru.jpeg

Monica Ng'aru
Investment Analyst

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Under Recruitment
Investment & Data Scientist

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Our outstanding Advisors are fully dedicated to healthcare in Africa.


Sewu-Steve Tawia
Managing Partner & GP

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Lise Birikundaviy.jpg

Lise Birikundavyi, CFA
GP@BKR Capital

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Joshua Adeoye - IC.jpg

Dr. Joshua Adeoye
Life Sciences Investor, Medical Doctor

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Our focus on healthtech, medtech and biotech investments requires a deep sector expertise provided by our partnerships across the ecosystem

Wilfred Njagi - Advisor Villgro Africa.jpg

Wilfred Njagi
Incubator Advisor, CEO Villgro Africa

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Thane Kreiner.jpeg

Thane Kreiner, PhD
Impact & Healthcare Advisor

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Robert Karanja - Ecosystem.jpg

Robert Karanja, PhD
Biotech Advisor, CIO Villgro Africa

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Let's provide Better Healthcare for Africa


Jaza Rift Ventures is building a network of Investment Advisors (VC, PE, Impact etc. for General Advisory Board), Healthcare Advisors and Ecosystem Partners (Strategic Healthcare Board, Founder Advisory Network, Healthcare Collaborative Network) across the whole value chain. From Infrastructure to Medical Devices, ML/AI for health, Supply Chain, Telemedicine etc. Very specialized skills such as Oncology, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Palliative Care, Radiology etc. are also sought.

Business Meeting

Strategic Healthcare Board (SHB)

We're onboarding carefully selected, gender-balanced advisors with deep healthcare expertise (biotech, medtech, digial health etc.) as Advisors. From all walks of life and anywhere in the world, your experience and networks across one or several healthcare verticals are critical and are aligned to our mission to provide Better Healthcare for Africa.

Accountant at Work

Founder Advisory Network (FAN)

We're looking for Series B or later Founders and Operators carefully selected based on their experience in growing or mentoring a startup from pre-Seed to Series A and beyond with a genuine interest in Africa. Chosen from anywhere in the world, you must be fully aligned to our mission to provide Better Healthcare for Africa.

Conference Break Time

Healthcare Collaborative Network (HCN)

We're connected to Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Builders, Co-Investors, Follow-on Investors and Pharma/Life Sciences Corporates thanks to our deep networks across Africa, Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. HCN members are fully aligned to our mission to provide Better Healthcare for Africa. Want to join?

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Better healthcare for Africa

Jaza Rift Ventures is a healthcare venture capital fund supporting innovative early-stage startups and invention-based healthtech, medtech and biotech enterprises that aim at providing Better Healthcare for Africa ©.

Copyright © 2023 Jaza Rift Ventures

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